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Community Congregational Church

Our Music Ministry

Through our music we teach, share, learn and Praise!

Worship is the central act of the people of God, first and foremost, it makes certain that God is praised, honored and adored at the very heart of our community life. Worship gives us a sense of joy, excitement and anticipation that brings life to our faith. Within the context of worship, music gives expression to thoughts and feelings that no other medium can. Music lifts us to the heights of heaven and allows us to express the many aspects of our human existence. Music allows us to feel” the creators love, Grace, forgiveness and newness of life. We are blessed with an extremely talented organist and choir director who coordinate the service hymns. choir anthems and introits and special music as needed during the church year. Rebekah Shamberger and MariJo Brown strive to offer inspiring and artistic music to the Glory of God in our services of worship. The choir as a whole takes a break during the summer months, while individual members are encouraged to participate by singing solos or in small groups, or by playing instruments.


           All are welcome!    Rehearsals     Wednesday 7:30-8:30   Sundays at 10:30 am, prior to service  To join, please call or email  Sue Aceves  suebeth@charter.net  910-949-3609

The Music program of the church is supervised by the Music and Fine Arts Committee.